Abbie is a young person who has been coming to The Pump since she was 11 years of age, and has been actively engaging in youth club sessions. We found when Abbie first started to come to The Pump she suffered from low self-esteem, she did not like to engage with other young people or make new friends. Over a period of time, she opened up and started to get to know the staff and built a relationship with staff members and other young people through our engagement and introducing team building activities which broke down social barriers for Abbie allowing her to make friends.  Now that Abbie has created a rapport with Staff she has found that we do a Job club and members of staff have helped her with her CV and apply for jobs and has successfully got a job at Shoe zone and will start her second job at JD Sports in Chelmsley wood in September.

“The Pump has been a Big help in my development and all the staff have helped me and mentored me towards making the steps for my future. They have helped me with my CV and applying for job and I have now got a job at JD”.