The History of Grime Project is a passion project conceived by our very own young people. The Pump's aspiring musicians were keen to learn more about the genre that strongly influences their own sounds and look at the origins and the influences that encouraged the inception of Grime and the impact Grime has had on youth culture, fashion and youth entrepreneurship. 
Outside of London, Birmingham and the West Midlands has the largest Grime scene with a breeding ground of emerging Grime artists and The Pump prides itself on being an organisation that nurtures talent.

With the help of the young people, The Pump has been successful in receiving Heritage Lottery funding to deliver this new music project in association with our delivery partners the Birmingham Music Archive and Access Creative. 
The project is for a targeted group of young people researching the history of grime.  The group will look at the origins, influences of grime as a genre and culture and they will profile and interview artists, producers, DJs and club promoters in order to develop a digital archive system, curate an exhibition and organise a conference event in June 2019.

Project Funders