The OCN Level 1 Award in Digital Fabrication qualification has been designed to promote and develop understanding and use of digital fabrication including 3D printing. The qualification supports the demand for science related qualifications and government policy in promoting science, technology, engineering and maths – STEM.

Qualification Aim

This qualification provides learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to produce digital designs and fabricate items from these designs whilst working within any relevant health and safety guidelines.

Learners will be able to identify health and safety issues in digital fabrication, use the internet and software to locate and incorporate images into their 2d and 3d designs and employ relevant health and practices when carrying out tasks that involve digital fabrication.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand health and safety issues associated with digital fabrication.
    1. Identify the health and safety issues associated with digital fabrication.
  2. Be able to use software to create digital designs.
    1. Use 2d design software to design polygonal shapes to meet specific requirements.
    2. Use software to find images to use in designs.
    3. Use software features to incorporate images into designs.
    4. Produce designs that can be fabricated.
    5. Save designs and images in appropriate formats.
  3. Be able to fabricate designs in line with health and safety guidelines for digital fabrication.
    1. Demonstrate the fabrication of designs.
    2. Employ health and safety practices relevant to digital fabrication.
    3. Work safely when involved in digital fabrication tasks.

Progression Opportunities

The OCN NI Level 1 Award in Digital Fabrication enables progression to the OCN Level 2 Award in Digital Fabrication and from there can be used as stepping stones to employment or further study by enabling the development of specific vocational skills.

Entry Requirements

There is no minimum age, however, centres must ensure that learners have a level of maturity appropriate for units included in the courses that they offer.


Grading for this qualification is pass/fail. The learned will earn 2 credits.

Qualification Specification