About Abbie

Abbie is a young person who has been coming to The Pump since she was 11 years of age, and has been actively engaging in youth club sessions. Read more

About Jerome

As a volunteer youth worker, Jerome is able to build on existing skill base and gain experience working with young people from a range of backgrounds and cultures. Read more


T ROADZ is an aspiring rapper who regularly attends The Pump to record music.  His aspirations were able to flourish through The Pump as he was able to regularly access the recording studio for free, he could access the studio to work on his music regularly and this gave Tyreece the opportunity to practice, which would then give him the courage to perform for live audiences. Read more

About The Arconic Internship Programme

During the program, candidates aged between 18-25 learn what skills employers are looking for and how their individual experiences and achievements can be used to sell their own personal “brand”. They learn techniques to succeed at the application stage of finding employment and how to make agencies and job sites work most effectively on their behalf. Cover letters, personal statements and CVs are finely tuned over the period of the course to maximise chances of securing an interview. Read more

About Zach and Nathan

Zach and Nathan joined the scheme in May 2018, they had both had some short contracts in warehouse environments but were struggling to find reliable full time positions. Read more

Birmingham Youth Service

Birmingham Youth Service works with young people aged 13-19 to support them in the transition into their adult lives. Read more

HoG Podcasts

Here you will find all the Products and Content that has been created by the young people participating in the History of Grime Project at The Pump in collaboration with The Birmingham Music Archive. Read more

Levi’s® Media Space

With great thanks to Levi Strauss® we are able to offer you a brand new media space at The Pump, offering state of the art hardware and software for those budding creators out there. The room offers an industry-standard experience to generate ideas and create music and film that will inspire young people to express themselves and produce the next hit track or movie! Read more


Our new Makerspace is a brand new space at The Pump established to inspire and innovate, though a fully-kitted workshop giving you the power to turn ideas and concepts into reality. Read more

The Big Music Project

More info coming soon. Read more

The History of Grime

The History of Grime Project is a passion project conceived by our very own young people. The Pump's aspiring musicians were keen to learn more about the genre that strongly influences their own sounds and look at the origins and the influences that encouraged the inception of Grime and the impact Grime has had on youth culture, fashion and youth entrepreneurship. Read more

The Levi's® Music Project x Mist


Youth Engagement Forum

The Youth Forum is a place for young people to voice their ideas/ opinions and enables Youth workers that are in charge of collating this information to produce solutions and an end result Read more