5 Reasons Why you should Volunteer @ The Pump

  1. FOMO (Fear of missing out). Have you ever seen something or been somewhere that’s so
    awesome and think to yourself ‘wow, I wish I was a part of that’? Well this is your
    opportunity to be a part of the Pump’s transition to complete awesomeness. We’ve been
    around for a while but exciting thing are about to happen and you’ll be brought into the
    inner circle to learn more about The Pump’s future plans and be a part of the huge
    developments that are about to unfold.

  2. More than just admin and making tea. Whilst we’re avid tea drinkers here at The Pump and
    admin work is just as important, we’re here to help you develop so we will make sure that
    you are involved in other day to day tasks that will help fill your time and learn something
    new. We may even make you that cuppa.

  3. Experience. The Pump isn’t just a youth centre; it’s the community, cultural and creative hub
    of East Birmingham. There are a variety of opportunities to gain real life experiences, meet
    new people and gain new skills.

  4. Tailored to you. The volunteering scheme is just as much about you as it is about us. To
    show our gratitude for taking the time out to give back, we support you in achieving your
    aims and ambitions. The programme will be tailored suit you and your personal and
    professional needs; whether you’re interested in youth work, catering or IT we have
    something for you. You will be allocated a mentor that will share their experience and
    expertise with you, offer advice and support you when you’re ready to move on to your next

  5. Be a part of a team. The staff at The Pump is like one big family and anyone that walks
    through those front doors are welcome. Like with all families there are a few quirky
    characters but no matter what your personality type, we’re sure you’ll fit right in.