"Young 13-year-old mc from Birmingham, Rising star T.Roadz has the talent and ability to achieve greatness. In a short space of time, T.Roadz has been in the risky road secret cypher, headlined the big music project at the ministry of sound club & featured in the Levi's music project documentary alongside mist, also performing on his sell-out diamond in the dirt homecoming gig at the o2 academy." 

T ROADZ is an aspiring rapper who regularly attends The Pump to record music.  His aspirations were able to flourish through The Pump as he was able to regularly access the recording studio for free, he could access the studio to work on his music regularly and this gave Tyreece the opportunity to practice, which would then give him the courage to perform for live audiences. As Tyreece’s reputation grew amongst young people this has allowed him to perform at The Shard Fest, performed at another famous rapper (Mist) show and has opened the door to many other opportunities for him to express his music such as being on music channels on YouTube.

 “The Pump is a good place for a young person to go to and especially for a musician as it has the right equipment and people to help boost you as an artist. I started attending the pump and using the facilities and it has enabled me to produce quality music to put out via online. Also The Pump has put on projects for me and other young people with faces like Mist and Levi’s Jeans which has helped expose my talent in the music industry”.  - T. Roadz

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