Decharne has been attending The Pump since he was 14 years old, coming up from a struggling background.

Decharne struggled at school as well as college and got kicked out of college after 2 months attending. He used to regularly attend youth club session, youth workers built up a report and found that he wasn’t doing anything apart from being at home and coming to the youth club.

We found that he needed work to earn an income and eventually found a vacancy at JD Sportswear where we encouraged him to apply for the role as a shop floor assistant.

“The Pump helped me get a job with JD Sportswear by encouraging me to apply for the role and they printed copies of my CV so I could hand my CV in to the manager. The Pump helped me in numerous ways by keeping me off the street as the street could have influenced me negatively, I am thankful to the staff at The Pump as they have helped guide me towards a brighter future as I am now working up to becoming a supervisor and going back to college next year”.