Brilliant update from one of the 2018 recruits on the Pump’s employability scheme. Jeff was referred to the Pump for consideration for the 3 rd Cohort back in October 2018 by St Basil’s homeless charity. He had a difficult family background and was living in a local hostel. Jeff hadn’t achieved many qualifications at school but at 21years old was ready to start his career.

Without much experience he was struggling to find work so was keen to take advantage of the Pump’s employability scheme to gain vocational qualifications and build on-the-job experience. Arconic conducted interviews towards the end of the process and Jeff impressed with his enthusiasm and drive to succeed. As a result, he was offered a place on the prestigious 12-month internship scheme and started in late Oct 2018.

Jeff recently got back in touch to update us on his progress; he reports back that he absolutely loves working at Arconic. He finds his duties and responsibilities challenging but engaging and the team spirit is positive and encouraging. He has volunteered for as much overtime as he can get, sometimes hitting 20 hours extra per week and is taking up to double pay as a result. This level of income has allowed him to move into his own place and he is currently saving towards a new car. He is very much looking forward to finishing the internship and is excited about the job prospects that will shortly be available to him within the company.

Jeff is so grateful to the Pump for setting him up in his new career that he even recommended his younger cousin Steve for the latest intake. Happily, he was accepted onto cohort 5 and has been placed with a local mechanics firm to start on 1 st October, best of luck to Steve!