We are fundraising for an urban leisure garden and a MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area), at The Pump.

Phase I

A retaining wall at the front of the building will transform what has become an unofficial car parking
space into a safe enclosure and a communal area that will be transformed into an alternative urban
leisure garden.

Phase II

We will furnish the space with garden furniture and outdoor gym equipment.

Phase III

Once we have transformed the area at the front of the building we will embark upon our plans to
transform our car park at the rear of the building into a MUGA.
We want to create safe and supported spaces outside The Pump, that complement our fabulous
indoor spaces; to provide sport & leisure facilities in the interest of the health & wellbeing of the
young people who visit The Pump.

The Pump is prestigious purpose-built youth facility across for floors, including our Creative Spaces;
The Pump Café, dance studio, state-of-the-art recording studio, The Levi’s® Music Room and our
new Makerspace.