Learning Aims 

  • Introduce Makey Makey technology 
  • Familiarise with Makey Makey interface capabilities  
  • Play and create music in new and creative ways  
  • Combine Scratch coding in conjunction with Makey Makey hardware 
  • Encourage creative confidence 

 Learning Objectives 

  • Learners will successfully assemble and connect an operational Makey Makey kit 
  • Learners will understand that Makey Makey is a technology that uses simple circuit switches to interface with a computer 
  • Learners will play at least 1 pre-built digital instrument using the equipment (piano/bongos) 
  • Learners will create a custom instrument using Scratch coding with at least 1 outcome per Makey Makey command 
  • Learners will have time to tweak, customise and experiment with the interface to create their own bespoke projects and explore their creativity 

Session Outline