About Abbie

Abbie is a young person who has been coming to The Pump since she was 11 years of age, and has been actively engaging in youth club sessions. Read more

About Decharne Shaw

Decharne has been attending The Pump since he was 14 years old, coming up from a struggling background. Read more

About Jerome

As a volunteer youth worker, Jerome is able to build on existing skill base and gain experience working with young people from a range of backgrounds and cultures. Read more

About Josiah Givans

Josiah is one of the young people who has attended the pump for around 8 years. Read more


T ROADZ is an aspiring rapper who regularly attends The Pump to record music.  His aspirations were able to flourish through The Pump as he was able to regularly access the recording studio for free, he could access the studio to work on his music regularly and this gave Tyreece the opportunity to practice, which would then give him the courage to perform for live audiences. Read more

About William Stewart

William has been coming to The Pump for 6 years. Read more

About Zach and Nathan

Zach and Nathan joined the scheme in May 2018, they had both had some short contracts in warehouse environments but were struggling to find reliable full time positions. Read more